Encrusting Termite

termites consuming a wood fence post, Eldoret, Kenya © Michael Plagens

Builds cover of mud-like carton over exposed wood before chewing and converting to more termites. Soldiers have mighty pincer mandibles.

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Beak-Headed Termite

 Termitidae, Kitale, Kenya, Africa, photo © Michael Plagens

The head of this termite has beak-like nozzle. Feeds on wood with direct or indirect contact with soil.

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American Cockroach

American Cockroach in Marigat, Kenya © Michael Plagens

This large nocturnal insect is common to abundant in and around human habitations in tropical and subtropical areas worldwide.

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Cockroach sp

wild Cockroach in Kerio Valley, Kenya © Michael Plagens

This small, nocturnal cockroach, probably inhabits natural woodland habitat and was attracted to lights.

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Kitchen Roach

kitchen cockroach, Ectobiidae, Kenya, Africa, photo © Michael Plagens

This is one of the common cockroaches likely to be seen in and around human habitations.

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Bark Cockroach

Bark Cockroach, Blaberidae, Kenya © Michael Plagens

Adult female lacks wings and is able to press itself close to a smooth bark surface. Nocturnal.

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Wingless Cockroach

Wingless Cockroach, Blattodea, Kenya © Michael Plagens

Found beneath a rock in savanna. Looks to me like a cockroach species similar to a wood roach.

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Reproductive female termite in Machakos, Kenya © Michael Plagens

Winged termites once they have flown and mated loose their wings and then must soon dig into the soil and attempt to establish a new colony.

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Kenya Natural History

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By no means am I an expert on the Natural History of Kenya. I am new to exploring this part of the World. By creating a page for the species as I learn them I am teaching myself. If I make errors I expect that a kind person will let me know so that I can make corrections.