Club-tailed Charaxes

Charaxes zoolina

Club-tailed Charaxes, C. zoolina, Nairobi, Kenya. Photo © by Michael Plagens

This butterfly was observed in secondary growth woods near Nairobi, Kenya, July 2014.

From Wikipedia: The group differs from all the others in Charaxes in the male having a tail on vein 2, but the female having two long tails on veins 2, 4. There are two different forms, one with black markings on a greenish white base colour (dry season form) and one with reddish-brown markings on red-yellow whitish colour (wet season form). These forms can be from eggs of the same female.

When perched on shrubs of Orange-leaf Croton, the color and shape match well the dying leaves.

Nymphalidae -- Brush-footed Butterfly Family

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