Lady Beetle

a pair of lady beetles associated with mango from Eldoret, Kenya. Photo © by Michael Plagens

Observed on foliage of mango, Mangifera indica, Eldoret Kenya, January 2012. Exoskeletons, the pale white remains from their possible aphid prey are seen at right.

Most species of lady bird beetles ("Ladybugs") are predatory on soft bodied insects like aphids and scales. Some are very specialized and prey on a very narrow range of insects. Others are able to switch their diet depending on what is available. The species shown here were not associated with any obvious prey on the mango leaves where they were found. There were a few cast skeletons of possibly an aphid, nearby. A few species eat plants instead and are pests to agriculture. The Colorado Potato Beetle is best known.

Coccinellidae -- Lady Bird Family

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