Net-winged Beetle

Cladophorus ?

Lycidae from Mweiga, Nyeri County, Kenya. Photo © by Michael Plagens

On flowers of Conyza at Mweiga, Nyeri County, Kenya, Dec. 2015. Length is about 12 mm.

Net-winged Beetles, f. Lycidae, are easily recognizable to family by the unique wings. The first wing pair, the elytra, are leathery instead of the usual shell-like texture of most beetles. These wings sport an intricate patterns of cross veins and very often unique patterns of red, yellow, black and orange colors. Net-winged Beetles fly and crawl languidly, apparently little concerned about predation by birds or other insectivores. Toxic compounds in their hemolymph are likely.

This specimen is missing one antenna, possibly after an encounter with a bird that finally rejected it as a prey item.

Lycidae -- Net-winged Beetle Family

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