Paper Wasp

Belonogaster dubia (?)

Belonogaster paper wasp (Vespidae) hunting prey in Kitale, Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

This wasp appears to be hunting or searching prey on foliage of Caliandra calothyrsus, Kitale, Kenya. December 2012. Ozren Polašek suggested the identification. The pale spots on the leaves are the result of feeding by small insects.

Paper wasps construct nests from paper that the workers produce using chewed wood and salivary secretions. To keep the nests dry and the developing larvae and pupae dry and safe the nests are often built in the protected areas beneath eaves and other overhangs on human dwellings. The adult wasps can often be found flying about and walking on foliage of plants in sunny gardens. Here they capture insects and return them as prey to feed their developing larvae inside the paper nest cells.

Vespidae -- Hornet Family

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