Paper Wasp

Ropalidia tomentosa

Olive and cranberry colored paper wasp, Ropalidia sp. from Kapsabet, Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

This polistinae wasp was photographed at Kapsabet, Kenya. 5 October 2010. Maurice Tindo has verified identification to genus and Ozren Polašek to species.

paper nest of Ropalidia observed at Kapsabet, Kenya

Paper wasps construct nests from paper that the workers produce using chewed wood and salivary secretions. To keep the nests dry and the developing larvae and pupae dry and safe the nests are often built in the protected areas beneath eaves and other overhangs on human dwellings. The adults wasps prey on insects and also bring nectar and pollen from flowers to feed the young within the papery cells.

Vespidae -- Hornet Family

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