Jumping Spider

Telamonia (?)

a silvery jumping spider, Salticidae, Kenya. Photo © by Michael Plagens

This jumping spider was found actively hunting on a broad leaf surface, Kakamega Forest, October 2016.

Jumping Spiders are among the coolest animals in Kenya and the World! Don't take my word for it. Spend some time watching and understanding how these finely tuned predators make their living. Start with exquisite eyesight, a hallmark of many top predators; they will see you and react to your movements accordingly. Instead of two eyes, jumping spiders have eight with each pair assigned a specific task. The largest pair have huge lenses and the ability to move the retina (light sensitive plate) backward and forward like an expensive camera. Agility in movement including stealth, top speeds and of course the ability to jump with astonishing accuracy. There are volumes written about these spiders. Explore them in your yard or favorite vacation spot. Start via the Internet using the links below.

Salticidae -- Jumping Spider Family

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