Flattie Spider

a Selenopidae spider from Kenya. Photo © by Michael Plagens

From beneath a rock near Ngong Hills and Magadi Rd., Kenya. Dec. 2014.

This spider is an adult female and is standing guard over her sac of eggs, which is secured to the underside of a rock. She will not hunt or feed until the young spiderlings emerge from the sac.

Selenopid (a.k.a. Flattie) spiders catch prey without using a snare web. Instead they move about at night on rock surfaces or within cracks locating themselves at prime spots to encounter crawling prey. The forward two pairs of legs are slightly rotated anteriorly giving the spider a crab-like stance. There are six eyes in the first, anterior, row.

Selenopidae -- Wall Crab / Flattie Spider Family

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