Hirsute Darkling Beetle

ca. Lagria

Hirsute Darkling Beetle, Tenebrionidae, from Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens. ID by mgeiser.

Crawling on partly bare soil in scrub habitat, Machakos, Kenya. May 2017. Length about 12 mm. ID assisted by Coleoptera on Facebook.

Darkling beetles are very toughly build insects most of which cannot fly. Their movements over the ground tend to be slow and methodical. The larvae live in the soil or sometimes within nests of ants, termites or rodents. Adults are omnivorous and often long-lived. Many can emit foul-smelling liquid when threatened or disturbed. No doubt numerous, diverse species occur in Kenya.

Tenebrionidae:Lagrini -- Darkling Beetle Family

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