Common Sandpiper

Actitis hypoleucos

Common Sandpiper, Actitis hypoleucos, photo © by Michael Plagens

In winter plumage, this shorebird was on the beach near Mombasa, Kenya. January 2012.

Spotted Sandpiper of North America is very similar to the Common Sandpiper of Eurasia. Where the two populations meet hybrids form. The behavior and frequented habitats are also very similar. Both species show a crescent of white on the shoulder ahead of the wings.

Common Sandpiper in Kenya is a migrant, spending the Northern Hemisphere winter, July to April, along the Indian Ocean coast, shores of Rift Valley lakes, and along broad river banks. As it walks along hunting for invertibrates, it makes a distinctive bobbing gesture.

Scolopacidae -- Sandpiper Family


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