African Jacana

Actophilornis africanus

African Jacana, Actophilornis africanus, photo © by Michael Plagens

On mucky sand beach at Lake Baringo, Rift Valley, Kenya. Oct. 2016.

From Wikipedia: African jacanas are conspicuous and unmistakable birds. They are about 30 cm long, but females are larger than males. They have chestnut upperparts with black wingtips, rear neck, and eyestripe. The underparts are also chestnut in the adults, only in juveniles they are white with a chestnut belly patch. The blue bill extends up as a coot-like head shield, and the legs and long toes are grey. The long toes give the bird the ability to walk easily over floating vegetation or soft, mucky soil. They feed on the insects and other invertebrates at this aquatic interface.

Jacanidae -- Jacana Family


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