African Pipit
Grass Pipit

Anthus cinnamomeus

African Pipit, Anthus cinnamomeus, photo © by Michael Plagens

In pastureland near Kiserian, Kenya. Dec. 2015.

From Wikipedia: The African pipit is 15 to 17 cm long and is a slender bird with an erect stance. It is buffy-brown above with darker streaks. The underparts are white or pale buff with a streaked breast and plain belly and flanks. The face is boldly patterned with a pale stripe over the eye and a dark malar stripe. The outer tail-feathers are white. The legs are long and pinkish and the slender bill is dark with a yellowish base to the lower mandible.

Motacillidae -- Wagtail, Pipit and Longclaw Family


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  • Birds of East Africa by Stevenson and Fanshawe

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