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Fan-tailed Raven

Corvus rhipidurus

Fan-tailed Raven, Corvus rhipidurus, photo © by Michael Plagens

Photographed at Iten, Kenya. 11 January 2012.

Several all black, or nearly black, members of the Corvidae are found in Kenya. The Fan-tailed Raven is relatively small, short-tailed, and broad winged. The bill is strong and heavy for tearing into carion or other food items. In the photo a Pied Crow is visible in the lower corner. Both birds were finding scraps behind a restaurant at Kerio View near Iten.

In Kenya, Fan-tailed Ravens are found in the northern half generally near rocky hills and cliffs where there are strong thermals. With their broad wings they catch rising currents and soar with minimal energy input, searching far and wide for food oportunities.

Corvidae -- Crow and Jay Family

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