House Crow

Corvus splendens

House Crow, Corvus splendens, photo © by Michael Plagens.

Photographed at Malindi, Kenya. January 2012.

Brazen, conspicuous birds living in close association with humans. They're quick to take advantage of any food dropped, discarded or left unattended by people. This species is native to southern Asia and its presence in Kenya is due to accidental introduction. House Crows are abundant enough in the coastal region to negatively impact native birds populations.

The huge increases that we are seeing in House Crows is directly related to the increase in uncollected garbage that litter so many of our coastal towns. In addition to the control efforts already underway, surely an equal amount of effort should go into getting the local councils to re-install a proper refuse collection unit, that would go a long way in reducing crow numbers. Just look back to the times when these councils did have efficient garbage disposal teams (not that long ago) and compare crow number then to what they are today.
Don Turner

Corvidae -- Jay and Crow Family


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