Red-chested Cuckoo

Centropus superciliosus

Red-chested Cuckoo, Cuculus solitarius, photo © by Michael Plagens.

Nairobi National Park, Kenya. 13 October 2016.

From Wikipedia: The red-chested cuckoo is a medium-size cuckoo about 31 cm in length. The male has slate-grey upper parts, pale grey throat and sides of head and dark grey tail tipped with white. The breast is rufous or cinnamon, often with barring, and the belly is creamy-white or pale buff. The female is similar but the colour of the breast is duller and with variable amounts of barring.

It is usually solitary and highly vocal and lives on forests and plantations. It eats insects including hairy caterpillars, spiders, centipedes, milipedes, slugs, snails, small vertebrates and berries. The nesting habit of red-chested cuckoo is to use the nest of another bird (brood parasitism). About fifteen different species of small bird are parasitised.

Cuculidae -- Cuckoo Family


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