Barn Swallow

Barn Swallow, Hirundo rustica, © Michael Plagens

During the northern hemisphere winters this common bird is among those wintering in Kenya. Long, deeply forked tail.

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Common House Martin

Common House Martin, photo © Michael Plagens

Rump, breast and belly are white. Builds mud nests affixed to walls under eaves. Agile fliers with long wings frequent around buildings.

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Rock Martin

Rock Martin, Ptyonoprogne fuligula, © Michael Plagens

Cinnamon coloration in throat area with remainder of bird a draw gray-brown.

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Wire-tailed Swallow

Mosque Swallow © Michael Plagens

Besides the red cap and white chest this small swallow has a pair of long wire-like feathers from the corners of the tail.

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Striped Swallow

Lesser Striped Swallow, Cecropis abyssinica, © Michael Plagens

Dark vertical streaking on the throat and chest are unique. Rump and head brick red. Common around buildings.

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Mosque Swallow

Mosque Swallow © Michael Plagens

Chest and belly cinnamon. Pale cheek area and bluish head cap doesn't extend below eye.

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Kenya Natural History

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