Double-toothed Barbet

Double-toothed Barbet, photo © Michael Plagens

Long black tail, red chest and heavy white bill make this bird distinctive and exciting to observe.

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D'Arnaud's Barbet

Trachyphonus darnaudii © Michael Plagens

Smallish bird with heavy bill and long tail. Head yellow with black speckles. Lively songsters.

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Gray Throated Barbet

Gray-throated Barbet, photo © Michael Plagens

Throat is only slightly grayer than the rest of the rusty-charcoal plumage. Small feather crest off top of head.

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Black-throated Barbet

Black-throated Barbet © Michael Plagens

Black mask through eyes, black throat and yellow stripe down back contrast with bold white.

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Red-fronted Barbet

Red-fronted Barbet, photo © Michael Plagens

A small patch of red at front of crown and a yellow eyebrow distinguish this bird.

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Kenya Natural History

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By no means am I an expert on the Natural History of Kenya because I am new to exploring this part of the World. By creating a page for the species as I learn them, I am teaching myself, sharing with others. If you find an error or appreciate my efforts please send me a message.