Reed Cormorant
(Long-tailed Cormorant)

Microcarbo africanus

Reed Cormorant, Microcarbo africanus, photo © by Michael Plagens

Observed drying its wings near settling ponds at Eldoret, Kenya. January 2014.

From Wikipedia: This is a small cormorant at 50–55 cm length and an 85 cm wingspan. It is mainly black, glossed green, in the breeding season. The wing coverts are silvery. It has a longish tail, a short head crest and a red or yellow face patch. The bill is yellow. Sexes are similar, but non-breeding adults and juveniles are browner, with a white belly. Some southern races retain the crest all year round. Behaviour The Reed Cormorant can dive to considerable depths, but usually feeds in shallow water. It frequently brings prey to the surface. It takes a wide variety of fish.

Phalacrocoracidae -- Cormorant Family


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