Yellow-billed Stork

Mycteria ibis

Yellow-billed Stork, Mycteria ibis, photo © by Michael Plagens

At Lake Elementaita, Kenya. December 2015.

From Wikipedia: It is a medium-sized stork standing 90-105cm tall.[10] The body is white with a short black tail that is glossed green and purple when freshly moulted.[11]The bill is deep yellow, slightly decurved at the end and has a rounder cross-section than in other stork species outside the Mycteria.[12] Feathers extend onto the head and neck just behind the eyes; with the face and forehead being covered by deep red skin. Both sexes are similar in appearance, but the male is larger and has a slightly longer heavier bill.[13] Males and females weigh approximately 2.3kg and 1.9kg respectively.[14]

Colouration becomes more vivid during the breeding season. In the breeding season, the plumage is coloured pink on the upperwings and back; the ordinarily brown legs also turn bright pink; the bill becomes a deeper yellow and the face becomes a deeper red.

Ciconiiidae -- Stork Family


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