Greater Blue-eared Starling

Greater Blue-eared Glossy-Starling © Michael Plagens

A glossy blue-black bird with a short tail and bright yellow eye. Iridescent colors vary depending on light direction. Darker blue patch behind ear.

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Superb Starling

Superb Starling, photo © Michael Plagens

Very common bird of savannas, pastures and farmland. Photogenic & easily recognized.

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Red-winged Starling

Red-winged Starling © Michael Plagens

Glossy, iridescent black with rusty orange in wings which can be concealed in perched bird.

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Ruppell's Glossy-Starling

Ruppell's Glossy-Starling © Michael Plagens

Long tail on a glossy blue-black mantle. Crown and face are black.

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Red-billed Oxpecker

Red-billed Oxpecker © Michael Plagens

Red-lipstick beak and habit of foraging on large ungulates for ectoparasites make this bird unmistakable.

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Yellow-billed Oxpecker

Yellow-billed Oxpecker © Michael Plagens

Most of the bill is orange-red, but the base is bright yellow. Often seen upon the backs of ungulates.

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Kenya Natural History

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