Wattled African Lapwing

Vanellus senegallus

African Wattled Plover or Lapwing, Vanellus senegallus, photo © by Michael Plagens.

Observed near Eldoret, Kenya, Kenya. January 2014.

From Wikipedia: This large lapwing is also called Senegal Wattled Plover. It is a resident breeder in most of sub-Saharan Africa outside the rainforests, although it has seasonal movements. These are conspicuous and unmistakable birds. They are large brown waders with a black crown, white forehead and large yellow facial wattles. The tail is white, tipped black, and the long legs are yellow. In flight, African Wattled Lapwings' upperwings have black flight feathers and brown coverts separated by a white bar. The underwings are white with black flight feathers. The African Wattled Lapwing has a loud peep-peep call. This species is a common breeder in wet lowland habitats, especially damp grassland. It often feeds in drier habitats, such as golf courses, picking insects and other invertebrates from the ground. It lays three or four eggs on a ground scrape.

Charadriidae -- Plover Family


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