Acacia lahai

Lahai, Acacia lahai, Iten, Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

Observed on the rim of the Elgeyo Escarpment near Iten, Kenya. January 2012.

FLOWERS: White to cream flowers small and arrayed in elongate spikate heads.

SHRUB or TREE: Medium to large flat-topped tree. The bark is dark brown to gray appearing fibrous.

LEAVES: Leaves are twice compound with the ultimate segments quite small and numbering up to 28 pairs. The leaves appear feathery.

RANGE: This tree is found at higher elevations up to 2500m.

FRUIT: The brown bean pods are straight or slightly curved about 6 cm long.

ARMED. The paired spines are straight and several cm long.

trunk and detail of bark, Acacia lahai, photo © Michael Plagens

Fabaceae -- Bean Family -- Mimosoideae - Mimosa Sub-Family

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