Ruellia cordata (?)

fruit of big-flowered Ruellia near cordata, photo © Michael Plagens

Observed blooming in savanna habitat off Magadi Road south of Kiserian, Kenya, Africa. Dec. 2015.

LEAVES: The opposite leaves are rounded with a heart-shaped base and beset with pubescence.

HERBACEOUS: Herbaceous growth very low and essentially prostrate on ground. A few stems reaching 30 cm above the soil.

FLOWERS: About 17 mm in diameter and slightly bilaterally symmetrical.

RANGE: One of several species of Ruellia found in at mid to higher elevation areas in Kenya.

FRUIT: A two-valved, flattened capsule that springs open when the seeds are ripe and ready to be dispersed.


Ruellia sp from Kenya, photo © Michael Plagens

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