Spiny Acanthus

Acanthus polystachyus
A. pubescens

Acanthus from Kakamega Forest, Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

Acanthus from Kakamega Forest, Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

Observed at a road side in the Kakamega Forest, Kenya, Africa. 12 October 2010.

Acanthus Leaf Gall

mite-cause leaf galls on Acanthus, Phytoseiidae, © Michael Plagens

Inside these blister-like gsalls on a leaf are nearly microscopic mites that feed on the tissue while releasing plant growth hormone mimics that direct the plant to produce galls.

lavender-pink flower of an Acanthus, photo © Michael Plagens

Acanthus is the type genus for the family, Acanthaceae. The leaves of this species are large, up to a meter in length, and have the margins sharply toothed and spine tipped. The tall, 2 to 3 m, upright plants with few branches were found growing in the sunny margin of Kakamega Forest adjacent to a roadway.

The flowers, pink to lavender in color, are borne in dense spikes at the top of the plant and each is subtended by several spiny-margined bracts. Flowers are bilaterally symmetrical.

Acanthaceae -- Acanthus Family

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Slug feeding on Acanthus from South Nandi Forest, Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

Here, a large, terrestrial slug is bypassing the thorny armament of a similar species at South Nandi Forest, Kenya, Africa. April 2013. The sharp thorns might even afford protection for this herbivore!

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