American Aloe

Agave americana

Agave americana by Michael Plagens

Photographed in urban landscaping in Eldoret, Kenya. Dec. 2015.

LEAVES: Spear shaped leaves have very sharp tips. The variegated color patterns seem to be appealing to many landscape architechs.

SUCCULENT: Two or more meters in height.

FLOWERS: Clusters of large, cream-colored flowers on a tall stalk. The parent plant normally dies after flowering once. This results in the common name Century Plant.

RANGE: There are many Agave species all native to the Americas. Sisal is also an agave with origins in tropical America (thumb link below). Agave is not related to the Aloes.
Sissal sisalana, photo © Michael Plagens


Asparagaceae (Agavaceae) -- Asparagus Family

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