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Aloe sp.

Aloe species, photo by Michael Plagens

Photographed growing from a nearly vertical cliff facing east and the Kerio Valley, Iten, Kenya. January 2012.

LEAVES: Long-trinagular leaves are thick and succulent. The margins are serrated.

flowers and developing fruit of Aloe sp., photo © Michael Plagens SHRUB: Succulent shrub with one to several one to two-meter long stems from ground level. Densely packed leaves clothe the stems - dead leaves closer to base.

FLOWERS: The flowers are red, tinged-yellow, long and tubular.

RANGE: There are many Aloe species; They are popular in cultivation and many variations and cultivars have been given species level names.

FRUIT: Slightly ob-ovoid with three carpels.

ARMED: Sharp leaf margins.

Xanthorrhoeaceae (Aloeaceae) -- Aloe Family

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