Anthocleista vogelii

Anthocleista vogelii photo © by Michael Plagens

Observed at Kitale Nature Conservancy, Kenya, Africa. January 2014.

Detail of leaf base of Anthocleista vogelii photo © by Michael Plagens TREE: The main trunk divides into one to several acutely-angled, ascending stems.

FLOWERS: The flowers are whitish-green, small, with six sepals and six stamens. They are arrayed in compact umbels which are further arrayed on long spikes.

LEAVES: Leaves are very large and obovate and clustered towards the ends of the branches. The opposite leaves have a distinct wing along the petioles clasping around the stem.

RANGE: This plant is found in highland areas and tends to grow among other taller trees in secondary growth.



Gentianaceae -- Gentian Family

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