Senecio sp.

possible Senecio species, asteraceae, South Nandi, Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

Observed along the forest edge, South Nandi Forest, Kenya. April 2013.

  • Disc Flowers: The disc flowers are numerous. The color is bright yellow. A dozen or so of nodding heads clustered at branch tips.
  • Ray Flowers: No ray flowers were evident on this specimen but other Senecio have small, yellow rays.
  • Phyllaries: One series of phyllaries tightly hold the florets with little or no overlap.
  • Pappus: numerous fine, white bristles resembling those of the common dandelion.
  • Leaves: The leaves are elyptic and sharply toothed on the margins.
  • Herbaceous: Plants had several stems reach about one and a half meters tall.

Asteraceae -- Sunflower Family -- Senecioneae

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Michael J. Plagens, Created on 8 November 2013