Winged Bersama

Bersama abyssinica

Bersama abyssinica foliage and fruit photo © by Michael Plagens

Observed near Eldoreet, Kenya. December 2013.

Compound leaf of Bersama abyssinica photo © by Michael Plagens  Trunk and bark of Bersama abyssinica photo © by Michael Plagens  Bersama abyssinica in Kenya, photo © Michael Plagens

From Wikipedia: a species of medium-sized evergreen tree in the Melianthaceae family. The leaves are pinnately divided with a strongly winged rachis (hence the common name Winged Bersama).[1] The inflorescence is a spike. Bersama abyssinica produces a hard, heavy wood that is used in the construction. The hard, spherical capsules split open at maturity revealing large, bright red seeds.

Melianthaceae -- Bersama Family

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