Cryptosepalum sp.

Cryptosepalum from Baringo, Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

In heavily grazed semiarid scrub near Lake Baringo, Kenya. Oct. 2016.

FLOWERS: The short spikes of white and brown-veined flowers appear close to the ground among the leaves and stems. There are five broad petals.

flower detail of Cryptosepalum, photo © Michael Plagens
SHRUB: The woody stems are low, less than 30 cm tall, and appear in a small clump.

LEAVES: Leaves are compound with 5 to 7 pairs, smooth and dull green leaflets.


FRUIT: Erect, flattened bean pods with a curved shape. Up to ten seeds in each pod.

UNARMED. No thorns.

Fabaceae -- Bean Family -- Caesalpinioideae - Senna Sub-Family

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