Clerodendron rotundifolia?

a possible Clerodendron sp. by Michael Plagens

Photographed west of Eldoret, Kenya. April 2013. Yet agan Bart Wursten pointed me towards the proper identification.

Clerodendron Leaf Beetle

Clerodendron Leaf Beetle

LEAVES: Large and broadly elyptic leaves are soft textured, with a noticeably variegated surface and prominent veins below. Opposite on the stems.

SHRUB: The observed specimen was about a 1½ meters tall with several sturdy, woody stems. flower detail of a Clarodendron photo © Michael Plagens

FLOWERS: The flowers are white, with five united petals, four excerted stamens, and very long slender tube. The flowers are grouped into small clusters. The calyx becomes enlarged as fruit develops.

RANGE: Several species of this genus are found in Kenya.

FRUIT: The fruits globose and berry like - these harden and split open revealing one to four hard seeds.


The plant and even some of the insects that eat the plant are toxic to mammals and birds. The bright red leaf beetle at left is probably quite toxic.

Lamiaceae -- Mint Family -- was in Verbenaceae -- Vervain Family
Clerodendron moved to Lamiaceae based on genetic analysis

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