Bush Willow

Combretum species molle photo © Michael Plagens

Tree with deeply fissured bark and opposite, elliptical leaves. Fruit with three membranous wings.

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Muhutu, Terminalia brownii, © Michael Plagens

Large elliptical leaves clustered near branch ends. Fruit with papery wings.

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Silver Cluster-leaf

Silver Cluster-leaf, Terminalia sericea, photo © Michael Plagens

Tree. Alternate, simple, elyptical leaves have smooth margins. Flowers in spikes.

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Indian Almond

Indian Almond, Terminalia catappa, photo © Michael Plagens

Substantial shade tree found in areas near the beach. The elliptical fruits can float. Large oblong leaves turn red before falling.

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Kenya Natural History

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updated 15 Jan. 2015

By no means am I an expert on the Natural History of Kenya because I am new to exploring this part of the World. By creating a page for the species as I learn them I am teaching myself, sharing with others and happy to receive feedback from web site visitors.