Pink Wortclub

Commicarpus pentandrus

Pink Wortclub, Commicarpus pentandrus, Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

Among pasture plants near Lake Elementeita, Kenya. December 2015.

VINE-LIKE: Leafy, herbaceous stems scramble up through and over other plants reaching two or more meters in length.

FLOWERS: The flowers are arranged in umbels of five to twelve or more flowers. The flowers are dark to bright pink and tubular.

LEAVES: The opposite leaves are elliptic and have impressed veins. The stem where they attach is slightly enlarged.

RANGE: Several species of wortclub are distributed across different habitats in Kenya.

FRUIT: The club-shaped fruits have wort-like projections on the distal third - these can produce sticky material that will adhere to clothing or animals. Several seeds inside each dry capsule.


Nyctaginaceae -- Four O-Clock Family

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