Hairy Horseweed / Flax-leaf Fleabane

Conyza bonariensis /
Erigeron bonariensis

a weedy aster found in kenya, Conyza bonariensis, photo © by Michael Plagens

Herbaceous weed in flower in a corn field near Eldoret, Kenya, Africa. October 2010.

ANNUAL: Herbaceous annual germinating from seed once rains or irrigation is applied. Surprisingly able to grow with very little moisture. Generally with a few upright stems occasionally exceeding 50 cm tall.

FLOWERS: Numerous small flower heads remain mostly closed up with just the tips of white bristles appearing above the bracts. The bract tips may appear purplish.

LEAVES: Leaves and stems are covered with long silky hairs giving the plant a silvery appearance. Leaves are elliptic to linear, usu. with several teeth on the margins.

RANGE: Frequent weed in farming districts and household gardens throughout Kenya. Not native to East Africa; introduced weed.

FRUIT: Heads produce abundant, single-seeded achenes topped by fine bristles that serve to distribute seeds via wind.

UNARMED. Without thorns.

Asteraceae -- Sunflower Family

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