Resurrection Plant

Craterostigma pumila

Resurection Plant, Craterostigma pumila, Nairobi, Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

Herbaceous plant with rosette of thick, broad leaves among turf grass at Nairobi, Kenya, Africa. March 2013.

PERENNIAL HERB: Herbaceous perennial which tends to grow prostrate on ground in open areas and can revive very quickly from a dry condition after rains.

FLOWERS: The flowers are bilaterally symmetrical with a distinct pale throat and five, sky blue petals united into a tube below.

LEAVES: Broad leaves with longitudinal veins are thick and spongy. Arrayed in a basal rosette. On drying they shrink and become hidden only to re-emerge with rain.

RANGE: This plant is probably native to mid to higher elevations in East Africa.

FRUIT: Fruit a dry capsule with typically numerous seeds.

UNARMED. Without spines.

Scrophulariaceae -- Figwort Family
(recently moved to Linderniaceae)

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