Long-keeled Rattlepod

Crotalaria laburnifolia ?

flower of rattlepod, Crotalaria laburnifolia, Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

Observed among roadside vegetation near Nairobi National Park, Kenya. December 2015.

Crotalaria laburnifolia photo © Michael Plagens

FLOWERS: Lemon-yellow flowers arranged on a spike. The keel petal is long, sickle-like and contains the developing pod stipe.

SHRUB: Mostly herbaceous reaching close to 2 m tall.

LEAVES: Leaves are compound with three ovate leaflets attached at one point.

RANGE: There are many species of Crotalaria in Kenya. This species is reported from drier soil conditions.

FRUIT: The bean pods are plump and eventually the beans break loose inside the pod and rattle about. There is a long stipe at the terminus of the pod.


Fabaceae -- Bean Family -- Paplionoideae - Typical Bean Family

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