C. serpens (?)

a grape family plant, Cyphostemma serpens, photo © by Michael Plagens

Found on shallow, rocky soil west of Eldoret, Kenya. December 2013. Elevation 2100m.

The area where this plant was found is heavily grazed by cattle and goats and yet none of the leaves were apparently fed upon. The leaves are serrated and have ±5 lance-shaped leaflets attached to a single point on the rachis, i.e. palmately compound. Also, the undersides of the leaves are pubescent, and the veining is prominent. There are very few tendrils and so this plant simply scrambles along ground, sometimes up and over other plants. Many species of Cyphostemma are succulents, however, this one is not conspicuously succulent.

Vitaceae -- Grape Family

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Cyphostemma sp. prob. serpens from near Eldoret © by Michael Plagens

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