Herbe Aux Lacs

Desmodium repandum
(Hylodesmum repandum)

Desmodium, Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

Observed along a road cut through Kakamega Forest, Kenya. October 2016.

Desmodium repandum photo © Michael Plagens

FLOWERS: The orange to red-pea flowers are widely spaced on an open panicle.

PERENNIAL: Upright or climbing over other plants reaching perhaps 2 m and somewhat woody at base in mature plants.

LEAVES: Leaves are compound with three deltoid leaflets. These may be variegated.

RANGE: Widely distributed in tropical Africa and Asia. Prefers moist soil areas.

FRUIT: The small bean pods are clearly segmented between the small bean-seeds. These pods are covered with hooked hairs that cause them to adhere to clothing of fur.


Fabaceae -- Bean Family -- Paplionoideae - Typical Bean Family

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