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Dombeya burgessiae (?)

Dombeya sp., probably Dombeya burgessiae, a mallow species from Eldoret, Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

This flowering shrub was found at Naiberi River Camp s.e. of Eldoret, Kenya, Africa. November 2010.

SHRUB: Medium-sized leafy shrub usually branching freely from base. Two or three meters is a typically sized plant; some may reach small tree size.

FLOWERS: White sometimes with shades of pink. There are five petals, numerous stamens and a pistal with five lobes.

LEAVES: Large leaves more or less heart-shaped. Sometimes with lobes. Margin finely toothed.

RANGE: Dombeya is a large genus with many species native to Africa and Madagascar. This species appears more frequently in temperate highland areas.

FRUIT: Upon maturity, the dryish capsules open into five segments while the dry papery petals are still attached at the base.

a honey bee visits open flower of Dombeya © Michael Plagens UNARMED.

A Honey Bee, Apis melifera, was in attendence at the open flowers taking nectar or pollen.

Sterculiaceae -- Chocolate Family
alt. Malvaceae -- Mallow Family

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