Ehretia cymosa (?)

Dichondra, a ground cover plant found growing among gravel in grassy area near Turbo, Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

Small tree growing along side a wide pathway through the grounds of Nairobi National Museum, Kenya, Africa. April 2011.

SHRUB: Large woody shrub or small tree with dark green, elliptical leaves. Gray bark on main branches, but twigs with whitish hairs.

FLOWERS: The many white flowers appear in convex sprays similar to elderberry. The stamens are conspicuously exserted. Many bees and insects usually present.

LEAVES: Small leaves are dark green and heart-shaped.

RANGE: Mid and upper elevations with good rainfall distribution and growing at forest edges and in gardens. Native to Kenya.

FRUIT: Fruit a small, orange, four-seeded berries in clusters.

a flower chafer beetle, Pachnoda sp., from Nairobi © Michael Plagens UNARMED. Without spines but the hairs on leaves and stems are course and unpleasant to the touch.

Among the many insects visiting the flowers was a large, showy Flower Chafer beetle.

Boraginaceae -- Forget-Me-Not Family

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