Codlins and Cream
Hairy Willow-herb

Epilobium hirsutum

Epilobium hirsutum in Kenya photo © by Michael Plagens

Observed in a wet marshy area near Eldoret, Kenya. Dec. 2015.

LEAVES: Leaves are lance shaped with a few teeth along the margins. Leaves and stems are covered with soft pubescence.

PERENNIAL HERB: Might reach close to 2m tall under ideal conditions.

FLOWERS: Pink to magenta flowers have four petals, four sepals, eight stamens and four stigma lobes. The flowers open by late afternoon, remain open over night, and by mid day are usually closed up.

FRUIT: The elongated capsule containing many seeds develops below the petal and sepal attachments.

RANGE: Native to Eurasia and perhaps introduced in Africa. Habitat is usually wet marshes and at margins of ponds or slow streams.

Onagraceae -- Evening Primrose Family

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