Grewia occidentalis (?)

Grewia, Malvaceae, Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

Near Olorgasaile off Magadi Road, Kenya, Africa. Dec. 2014.

TREE: Small tree with tangles of low branches.

FLOWERS: The flowers are pink to lavender with about five relatively long petals and five sepals which are colored like the petals on the upper surface. Stamen filaments fused into fleshy column.

LEAVES: The leaves in this example are coriaceous (tough, leathery) and have rounded teeth along the margins.

RANGE: Many Grewia species have been identified in Kenya.

FRUIT:Up to four, spherical, fleshy lobes turning orange when ripe.

UNARMED: No thorns.

Tiliaceae (Malvaceae) -- Linden Family

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