Confetti Tree

Gymnosporia (Maytenus) senegalensis (?)

Gynosporia, possibly G. senegalensis by Michael Plagens

Open shrub habitat near lake Elemenaita, Kenya. Dec. 2015.

Another Gymnosporia sp.?

a spike-thorn, Gymnosporia sp., photo © Michael Plagens

LEAVES: Closely spaced alternate leaves appear fascicled, Margins have shallow teeth and tips are notched some leaves.

TREE: Tree-sized shrub about 5 meters tall.

FLOWERS: An abundance of white flowers with five petals and conspicuous nectar disc.

RANGE: Widespread but there are other Gymnosporum species also.

ARMED: Long sharp thorns are straight.

FRUIT: not seen

Gymnosporia senegalensis, thorn photo © Michael Plagens  habit of Gymnosporia senegalensis photo © Michael Plagens

Celastraceae -- Bittersweet Family

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