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Micromeria imbricata

probably Micromeria imbricata, Lamiaceae, photo © Michael Plagens

Observed on the rim of Menangai Crater, Kenya, Africa. March 2013.

LEAVES: The opposite leaves are elyptical with conspicuous acuminate tips, slightly thickened, stiff. The margins are thickened/rolled over.

SUBSHRUB: Lower stems slightly woody and giving rise to several tall, unbranched stems above. Aromatic when crushed. acanthaceae, two-lipped flowers are small and pale blue Kenya, photo © Michael Plagens

FLOWERS: Small, pale purple flowers with slight bilateral symmetry.

RANGE: Agnew reports in common in upland dry grasslands in Kenya.

FRUIT: capsules.

UNARMED However, the leaves and bracts subtending the flowers are stiff and pointed.

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