Spur Flower

Plectranthus ??

Plectranthus sp. from Voi, Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

Heavily grazed rocky slope near Voi, Eldoret, Kenya. 28 May 2017.

LEAVES: The opposite leaves are broadly elliptic and have crenate margins. Leaves are not as thick as other Plectranthus. Strongly aromatic.

SHRUBBY: Primarily herbaceous with perhaps a bit of woody base. Plants were mostly less than 1 meter tall.

FLOWERS: The flowers are arranged in rings about an upright spike. Each flower is bilaterally symmetric with a distinct dorsal spur. The lower lips are pale blue, the upper dark blue.

RANGE: One of many species of Plectranthus recorded in Kenya. Their abundance is related to the fact that grazing cattle and goats avoid them.

FRUIT: Conspicuous, long-acuminate sepals enclose the developing seed capsules.


Lamiaceae -- Mint Family

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