Argentine Peppercress

Lepidium bonariense (?)

Peppergrass, Lepidium bonariense, from Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens

Herbaceous weed found in an Eldoret area garden. Kenya, Africa. January 2012. Close-up of disc-shaped seed pods on left and leaf structure on right.

Peppergrass, Lepdium bonariense, photo © Michael Plagens

HERB: Lower stems may become woody in older plants, but the remainder is herbaceous.

FLOWERS: The flowers are very small and open very briefly. Open blooms are at the very top of the spike. Four small, whitish petals and six stamens.

LEAVES: The leaves are twice pinnately divided into nearly linear segments.

RANGE: This is a weed of moist, usually higher elevation gardens. It has been unintentionally introduced to many places from its original home in South America.

FRUIT: The fruits are small discs with the seam on the compressed faces with two flattened compartments each with a couple of seeds.


Brassicaceae -- Mustard Family

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