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Lippia sp.

a Lippia sp. by Michael Plagens

Photographed near Eldoret, Kenya. January 2012.

LEAVES: The narrowly triangular leaves have very prominent veins and reticulations. The margins are toothed. Opposite leaves.

SHRUB: A small shrubby plant - the specimen observed was less than 10cm tall. Under grazing pressure the plant may end up growing very close to soil. inflorescence of Lippia photo © Michael Plagens

FLOWERS: The pale flowers are clustered into very short head-like spikes. They are weakly bilaterally symetrical.

RANGE: There are several Lippia species found in a variety of Kenya's habitats. This one was seen in an agricultural area devoted in part to animal grazing.

FRUIT: The fruits are small, dry berries and these remain packed together into the spike giving an appearance of a composite fruit.


Verbenaceae -- Vervain Family

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