Sensitive Wood-Sorrel

Biophytum abyssinicum photo © Michael Plagens

Delicate plant resembles a Lilliputian umbrella that folds up when disturbed!

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Creeping Wood-Sorrel

Creeping Wood-Sorrel in Kenya, photo © Michael Plagens

Bright yellow flowers on delicate branching herbaceous weed. Tri-foliate leaves. Beaked fruits.

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Garden Pink-Sorrel

a wood sorrel, Oxalis latifolia, photo © Michael Plagens

Clusters of pink flowers with five petals. Leaves with three, equally spaced leaflets. Low-growing with no above ground stems.

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Oblique Sorrel

Oxalis obliquifolia photo © Michael Plagens

Herb with usually no above-ground branching. Leaves divided into 3 equal parts - trifoliate. Flowers singular.

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Kenya Natural History

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By no means am I an expert on the Natural History of Kenya because I am so new to exploring this part of the World. By creating a page for the species as I learn them I am teaching myself, sharing with others. If you find an error or appreciate my efforts please send me a message.