Oxygonum stuhlmannii (?)

Oxygonum stuhlmannii photo © by Michael Plagens

Observed among savanna/grassland vegetation near Kiserian, Kenya, Africa. December 2015. The leaf at lower left shows, I believe, an infection by a rust fungus.

FRUIT: Like most buckwheats the seeds are three-angled, and in this case there's also a sharp point at each angle.
Oxygonum stuhlmannii photo © Michael Plagens
HERBACEOUS: Slender ribbed stems with well-spaced leaves. Height less than ½ m. Tends to lean and scramble upon nearby plants.

FLOWERS: The flowers are small, with four or five petals, and are very pale in color. Several clustered at terminus.

LEAVES: Leaves are oblong with conspicuous deep incisions and lobes. Under magnification the leaf margins are seen to have minute undulations. A reddish brownish sheath with bristle-like hairs encircles the stem where the leaf attaches.
Oxygonum stuhlmannii photo © Michael Plagens
RANGE: This specimen was observed in savanna/grassland habitat south of Nairobi, Kenya.

ARMED: The seed prickles are sharp.

Polygonaceae -- Buckwheat Family

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