Common Screw Pine

Pandanus utilis (?)

Screw Pine, Pandanus, by Michael Plagens

Photographed at Haller Park north of Mombasa, Kenya. January 2012.

LEAVES: Long linear leaves a meter or more in length with sharp serrations along the margins.

TREE: Tree or several-branched shrub reaching a height of several meters. Prop roots emerge from the trunk increasing support in moist or loose soil.

FLOWERS: The flowers are either male or female and occur on separate plants. The spherical clusters of male flowers are much smaller than the female flowers.

RANGE: There are many Pandanus species; most are found in tropical Asia.

FRUIT: The fruit on female trees occur in large spherical clusters. Red and fleshy at maturity.


Spherical cluster of Pandanus fruits, photo © Michael Plagens

Pandanaceae -- Pandanus Family

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